Pearl Airmist air freshener dispenser provides
continuous fragrance in your washroom by automatically
delivering small bursts of fragrance at specific intervals in
order to keep malodours at bay, with flexible and easy to
use program options. Suitable in all types of
washrooms, hallways, lobbies and guestrooms to enhance
user experience.


Pearl Airmist forms part of this ultra-modern looking
co-ordinated washroom range, adding an upmarket look to
any location. The Pearl Airmist can facilitate both micro and
standard size refills. The removable action head ensures
that there is no need to remove the entire dispenser in case
of breakdown on the action head.


The newly designed cover has a recessed cavity to
prevent the overspray from running down on the outside
of the cover, by collecting the overspray and channelling it
to run on the inside of the cover ensuring that your Pearl
Airmist dispenser looks the same way it did on the first day
that it was installed.


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